Изложител: SATO SP. Z O.O.

Products are sewn under the brand TUTU which offers caps, hats for winter and summer, gloves, scarfs, headbands, shoes for newborns and blankets. TuTu collection consists of all kinds of sewn and knitted products.

Each season we have new collection of TuTu products - 200 new styles. We are always trying to create styles of caps which will be trendy and to use fashionable colors and fabrics, but in our collection you can still find classic models, easy to match with colourful and smart clothes.

 TuTu uses only natural fabrics. In summer 100% cotton and in winter 100% merino wool. Sometimes we use wool with cashmere or angora, always with 

100% cotton lining. Additionally, summer caps have UV protection 30 and 50. Furthermore, TuTu models are well-fitted and this is the reason why they are so comfortable.

SATO SP. Z O.O. is a Polish company who specializes in production of caps, hats and accessories for children, since 1930 year.